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Re: Games you can't stand

Post by Spook of the lost » 5 months ago

MMORPG's for me.

I liked BSG online because playing as a Cylon was fun but stuff like WoW, Everquest, Eve, etc.

stuff with hours and hours of grinding to me is no fun with some notable exceptions (see aforementioned BSG game).

I don't mind grinding as a concept, but not when you need to spend several hours a day, for months, just to get anywhere and have to work with other people to do it.

I'm a solo gamer all the way :P

the X series of games come closest to the tediousness of MMORPG's as far as single player games go imo.
but there's enough to do that it keeps it interesting like solving puzzles, random encounters, going on missions etc, that trying to get that last bit of rare mineral from asteriod mining to buy that ship you want is secondary to everything else going on.

note: the X series are real time space combat, Exploration, Trading, etc games where you get to pick, modify, and utilize a large variety of ships... provided you earn the resources for them.

See: Freelancer, Rebel Galaxy, Etc.
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