What medium do you use?

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Re: What medium do you use?

Post by James » 6 months ago

For any type of art, I tend to use either canvas (when painting), or I try to use a thick non-lined notebook paper. I think doing a lot digital still is a tad too complex for me (minus making logos, etc.) and I feel like it's harder to do something by hand than using Photoshop for example.
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Post by Juneberry » 6 months ago

I definitely agree, using your hands is generally much more difficult- but it's also very worth it, even if things don't turn out well. Or I think so anyway, since not turning out well is most of my art.
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Post by Megan » 6 months ago

I used to love pastels too. But hated how messy it was.
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Post by Spook of the lost » 4 months ago

I actually use gimp for graphics art. Plus its fully compatible with my Wacom bamboo in Linux which is nice.
I also use inkscape for scaling stuff and taking objects I've drawn up in gimp and rigging them for things like web graphics and other things that might require scalable graphics.

I've been known to use blender for video editing on occasion, but it's sorta clunky... At least it's free :lol:

I've also been known to draw when I design stuff, it helps pull ideas out of my head and flesh them out more once they're tangible.
Though im terrible at drawing people as well as free hand, however I'm very good at technical drawing and use all-sorts of tools to draw them out.

I've drawing books full of them.

Unfortunately my sister got the freehand skills, and uses them as a tattoo artist.
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