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Jaluna's Writing

Post by Juneberry » 5 months ago

I mostly will share my poetry here, but if asked, I'd be glad to include some of my prose.

Don't Tell Mommy About the Monster - Freestyle
There's darkness inside
It hurts, so I hide.
I'm still small and meek,
So it seems pretty bleak.

But I'm not alone,
I have a happy home-
So why do these fears
Flood me with tears?

I can't show mommy
I don't want her to worry
But there's a monster,
And it's deep in my head.

I'll keep on fighting
I won't stop trying...
But if it hurts too much,
Mommy will cry and such!

Please don't tell her
About the thunder in my chest
Let ignorance bless her
While I lay down to rest...
Fear - Haiku
To fear is not bad
But let it not fill your soul
Or you’ll never live.
Quiet Room - Freestyle
Quiet room, silent room
Calm and yet disturbed
Sitting still, wishing well
Yet still I feel perturbed.

Quiet room, a place to rest
Yet rest I cannot do.
I sit and stir in silence
As thoughts begin to stew.

Quiet room, a punishment
Given as if a cure.
The quiet was never so scary
Until the silence was pure.
Love - Acrostic
Lean in close
Observe my eyes
Value the moment our
Energies collide.
My Best Friend is The Darkness - Freestyle
My best friend is the darkness.

It's shared my pain and tears.
On good days, it envelopes me to share the joy
And on the bad, acts as a shield from the world.

Woe is having a body.

It shouldn't feel like this at all.
Like my brain was replaced
With a dense, ten-ton brick.

There's no reason it should be so difficult.

Just to walk from one step to the next,
Without the feeling I'm a mere ping pong
bouncing down the hall with zest.

This pain is the greatest torture.

Even if you deserve to die, you don't deserve this dismay-
To live with pain that makes you want to die,
But yet you live another day.

My stomach is in knots.

I can't eat anything without feeling worse.
Yet there's no acid in my stomach to cause it-
Just a part of this burden, this curse.

And so I hide in darkness.

The light can't reach me here.
It can't show my eyes its splendor,
And make a burden of breathing air.

The darkness is my drug.

It calls me towards it every time.
Just one drop relieves me a bit
From the pain in which I writhe.

And so my best friend is darkness.

No human can take away the pain.
While they're great in some situations...
They're the worst thing for a migraine.
Trouble is a Friend - Golden Shovel of song with the same title.
Even in times of trouble
The most wonderful thing is
The feeling of having a
To rely on in times of
My emotions feeling like an active mine.
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Post by lonelyhollowdays » 4 months ago

There’s a problem with the spoiler tag on iOS, it keeps opening the first one regardless of what I click.

Just letting you know, I did see these on the main domain’s board earlier, though.
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Post by Juneberry » 4 months ago

I'll have to look into why that's happening! But next time, you should probably let me know in Help Desk next time~
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